Ane Chijo Max Heart 3

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Ane Chijo Max Heart

Alternative Names:
Ane Chijo Max Heart, あねちじょ☆マックスハート, 치녀누나 맥스하트, あねちじょ♥マックスハート

“Welcome, please have a seat…” Sarasa says to Kira in her waitress uniform. Usually she would be much happier to see her brother/lover, but she can’t help but be tame while seeing the sporty, fresh girl, Kasuri, sitting next to him. Suspicious of those two, Sarasa makes her move not wanting to lose her lover. Hiding behind the blinds, she pushes Kira onto a sofa and smothers him with her tits. She puts her knee in between his legs and smirks as she sticks out her tongue…

Ane Chijo Max Heart

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