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Goblin no Suana 3

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Goblin no Suana
Alternative Name:
ゴブリンの巣穴 第三話 駆け出し冒険者 イラーリ

It’s a vulgar monster that can be found anywhere…at least, it’s recognized as such by humans.
On this day as well, a young adventurer, Ilari, embarked on a goblin extermination to make a name for himself.
Not knowing that this was the beginning of the tragedy…
“I’m going to hunt down all the monsters in this lair!”
Ilari was so ignorant and stupid.
Too late he realized that he was even worse than a goblin.
The price was paid with her body.
Young, healthy women are good toys and nurseries for goblins.
An ominous stubbornness that pierces through the secrets of an innocent innocent.
She will never see the light of day again…
Armor, cloak, and… a bright future stripped from a female adventurer.
Her abdominal muscles, trained by her swordsmanship, swell and wriggle mysteriously.

Goblin no Suana

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