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Himekishi Olivia
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Himekishi Olivia

Alternative Names:
공주기사 올리비아 조교, Princess Knight Olivia, Slave Princess Olivia, 姫騎士オリヴィア

Princess Olivia turns into a hostage of another invader with delusions of grandeur. Trying to conquer the planet well, at least nearly all of it, to some degree it succeeds, plus it captures the Princess. Blackmail he puts it a challenging choice, surrender or I am going to destroy your kingdom. Instead, he promised to not touch her, at least until she asks regarding it. Certainly agree it wasn’t going to, until it doesn’t recognize that her sister was affected by orcs within the dungeon understanding that would save his sister she gets to do evil prince massage, obviously I’m kidding, surrender to this scoundrel.” Let even cute” One question tormented princess orcs were able to capture the fortress, the reply to this question influences sequel where we find out about the elf, who missed the enemies fortress. What she got in turn, or preferable to say that we will become familiar with soon!

Himekishi Olivia

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