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Kanin Tokkyuu Michishio 1

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Kanin Tokkyuu Michishio

Alternative Name:
Kan`in Tokkyuu: Michi Shio, 간음특급 만조, 姦淫特急 満潮, Special Express: Michishio, Kanin Tokkyuu Michishio

A rumor spreads among young people that if a person gets on “that” train, he/she will disappear…. Most of them don’t believe it, but it exists…. It’s called Michishio. Michishio was invented to train young girls and make them sex slaves. At first sight, the train is completely the same as a normal train. However, it shows its true self once in a few months. The girls who get on the train are severely trained and become sex slaves…. Seiji is a train conductor. He can do whatever he wants to the girls on the train since he has a special training ability. And another Michishio now departs….

Kanin Tokkyuu Michishio

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