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Megami Kyoujyu 2

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Megami Kyoujyu

Alternative Names:
La leyenda de la mujer lobo, Legend of the Wolf Woman, Woman Wolf Mania, 여랑광유女狼狂濡

Megami Kyoujyu, Scientists and police are on the hunt for half-human/half-beast creatures and between that, of course, is sex.

Linda, a member of the SWAT team, was pursuing Kata, who was suspected of being infected with a virus. A man named Mustang, a person from the same tribe as Kata, was waiting for her when she went to Kata’s apartment. He told Linda, “A bad dream is blowing through this city.” In another part of the city, Kata, having braved the virus, was assaulting and having sexual relations with men left and right and spreading the contagion. The city was overrun by infected men that had transformed into beastmen, and marching orders were given to Linda and the others to manage the state of emergency. What can be done to settle this situation…?

Megami Kyoujyu

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