Nightmare x Deathscythe 2

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Nightmare x Deathscythe

Alternative Name:
Nightmare×Deathscythe: Resonance of the Rebellion | Nightmare x Deathscythe: Hangyaku no Resonance | Nightmare×Deathscythe ―前編― 叛逆のレゾナンス

Rinne Natsume was a normal female student…and lived her life.
Until she finds out her secret…
She lost her father a few months ago when she was attacked by a demonic cult.
At that moment, she awakens to the power of the “Shinigami” she holds within her and takes revenge on her cult members.
She soon finds that her moment of peace does not last long and she is trapped. Akuta, the leader of the cult branch, turns the spear of resentment
against Rinne, who was hurt by Rinne’s father . Just then, wandering exorcists Shindo Setsuna and Yuuka appear! However, despite his good fight, he was surrounded by a large number of believers in vain. What awaits beyond this desperate situation!?

Nightmare x Deathscythe

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