Oyasumi Sex 4

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Oyasumi Sex

Alternative Name:
Good Night Sex, おやすみせっくす, 잘자요 섹스

“I’m all yours…”

“I lied about being confessed to…” she says the day they cross the line. Akira can’t get these words out of his head since that day and Yui acts as if nothing happened that day. Seeing her so innocent, Akira vows to not want to be more than just siblings. One day, Akira sees Yui about to take sleeping pills. Yui explain that swallowing these will let someone sleep soundly. That night, Akira stands beside Yui sleeping. All he can think about is ravaging her. Giving in to his hearts desires, when morning comes, he acts as if they’re just two siblings who have a good relationship. Every time he sees Yui taking the pills, he uses that as a chance to repeat the cycle.

Oyasumi Sex

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