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Real Eroge Situation 2 The Animation Ep. 2

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Real Eroge Situation 2 The Animation

Alternative Name:
Real Eroge Situation 2, Real Eroge Situation 2 The Animation, リアルエロゲシチュエーション! 2 THE ANIMATION, 리얼 에로게임 시추에이션! 2

The main character is an ordinary boy named Tooru, who loves to keep his “erotic fantasy diary”, in which he carefully collects the most depraved and lustful fantasies with his fellow students. As is usually the case in clichéd hentai – the hero forgets his diary in the classroom, and then recalls this, immediately returns there to pick it up, but by an incredible coincidence, he catches Otori Chikage red-handed – a local celebrity and idol of the academy who masturbates wildly on his “treasure” … It turned out that she is a real hentai mangaka, who became famous throughout the world for her truly horrifying stories in terms of lust. However, she is now in a creative crisis and stagnation in the production of new works. Because of which, the deadline for the manga was dramatically shifted to the deadline. Otori begs Torah to help her write the manga, and in return, she will allow him to do with her everything that he described in his “erotic fantasy diary”. Our hero simply could not refuse such an offer, because in front of him there was just a stunning beauty with incredible shapes, ready to fulfill all his most depraved fantasies…

Real Eroge Situation 2 The Animation

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