Sweet and Hot 2

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Sweet and Hot

Alternative Name:
Sweet and Hot 2[紙魚丸]

Synopsis:“Enjoyable sex education”
In order to prevent the declining birthrate and aging population, educational institutions are adopting a curriculum that makes sex education more practical and eliminates biased attitudes such as disgust.
After the students gathered in the gymnasium and did some warm-up exercises, they formed pairs and began to practice.
Takamine loses out on one of his partners while being selective, and only the disgusting man Mutahara remains.
He tried to finish it without any penetration, but his teacher caught him and he had to give him special instruction.
“The one who looks through the viewfinder” is Chio Kasahara, the watcher of power. She is a self-proclaimed news member who uses bulletin boards to report on bad things that happen within the school.
She tries to uncover the incident through tips from the ○○ circle on campus, but she ends up being fooled by false information.
“Chio” is revenged by the ○○ people whose past misdeeds were exposed.
Multiple cocks were inserted into her, and her perverted appearance was photographed.

Sweet and Hot

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