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Yuusha-hime Miria

Alternative Name:
Brave Princess Miria, 勇者姫ミリア 第一話 史上最悪の勇者爆誕! ナマイキ勇者をわからせろ!

My name is Miria.
I’m the brave princess Miria, the princess of the kingdom, a super beautiful girl, the strongest and invincible, who was given the title of hero from heaven!
Well, the title of hero was actually supposed to be bestowed on the son of the king who took me in, but…it kind of pissed me off, so I took it away☆And then I had him executed as a locomotive☆He was so helpful to me, who was so
cute. Since I’m going to die, I don’t have any regrets~♪ I’ve grown up and become a fine hero, but something has been strange lately~.
“Do you want to see my panties? That’s normal, so why don’t you just look at them as much as you want?”
Gah!? What is this!? What’s going on?!
I am a super beautiful woman and the strongest and invincible hero princess!
…It’s supposed to be, but is that it? Don’t I get naughty looks all over the place?

Yuusha-hime Miria

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